Email & Marketing Automation Training Course

An introduction to Marketing Automation with ActiveCampaign

What will I learn?

Learn all about Marketing Automation with ActiveCampaign! This course teaches the fundamentals of marketing automation, from planning to executing your process.

This course includes:

  • What is Marketing Automation?
  • Why Marketing Automation?
  • How to Plan Your Process
  • The Anatomy of an Automation
  • All about ActiveCampaign Automation Builder
  • A Use Case: A Contact Journey

You’ll learn from a series of videos that explain marketing concepts clearly, and walk you through the process of building automations to fit your business. Within each lesson, you’ll find resources that will help you explore and learn more.

Meet your instructor

Jamie Madison, Education Specialist @ ActiveCampaign

Jamie is responsible for educating ActiveCampaign employees and customers on features, functionality, and marketing best practices. She enjoys improv and standup comedy, and plays a mean game of skeeball.

Alright, you ready?

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