It can be frustrating when a prospective customer abandons the products they were getting ready to purchase from your ecommerce site. People can abandon a cart for a number of reasons but that doesn't mean they can't be won back!

The free Abandoned Cart Recipe on the ActiveCampaign Marketplace can help you send perfectly timed messaging to draw your prospects back to their carts to finish that order! 

There is no need to enroll in this course, watch the video for free below and learn how to utilize this recipe in your ActiveCampaign account!

(Abandoned cart feature is only available on Plus plan and above)

Automation Recipes

Automation recipes are pre-built automation templates that you can import into your ActiveCampaign account. By giving you a template to work from, recipes make it easy to set up the automations you need for your business.

Anyone with an ActiveCampaign account can use automation recipes. For ideas on what can be automated, check out the ActiveCampaign Marketplace — a library of automation recipes that you can search, browse, filter, and use in just a few clicks.

  • Choose a recipe from the ActiveCampaign Marketplace

    You can search for recipes, or filter based on industry, experience level, use case, and more. You can even filter for recipes created by the ActiveCampaign team or recipes that were created by an ActiveCampaign customer just like you.

  • Import the recipe

    Click “Login to import recipe,” then log into your ActiveCampaign account. You can view your imported recipe in your ActiveCampaign account by clicking “View imported recipes.”

  • Set up and customize the automation

    In your ActiveCampaign account, go to your Automations, then find your new recipe in the Purchased section. Once you create a new automation using your recipe, ActiveCampaign will take you through the setup process, so that you can customize it for your business.