Course overview

This course is a replay of one of our ActiveCampaign Blueprints webinars. The Blueprints webinar series has been specifically designed to help you implement ActiveCampaign functionality by exploring introductory business strategy for achieving certain business outcomes — in this case, automating your internal administrative processes. You'll learn how to identify your greatest opportunities for workflow automation, tips and tricks for using ActiveCampaign for managing internal processes, and strategy for four different time-saving automations.

Course curriculum

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    • Automate Your Internal Processes

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Meet your presenters

Senior Education Specialist

Shiv Chibber

Shiv has been at ActiveCampaign for over 5 years, having had thousands of conversations with all types of users in his Sales and Customer Success roles. He has a deep sense of how to implement marketing strategy in ActiveCampaign, as well as how to teach it from his time hosting in-person Study Hall events. Shiv particularly loves Green Day, Marvel, and the Chicago Bears – so if you mention any of those in your course feedback, you’ll be sure to earn some extra brownie points with him!

Senior Education Specialist

Mo Hoelker

Mo has been with ActiveCampaign for over 4 years, serving a variety of roles within Customer Success. As part of the Education Team, she has taught hundreds of ActiveCampaign users face-to-face at in-person Study Hall events, presents live virtual webinar offerings such as ActiveCampaign Blueprints and Accelerated Onboarding, and develops lifecycle educational content for new customers. Mo rarely misses an opportunity to crack a joke, has a lot of strong opinions about movies most people wouldn’t bother watching, and loves to brag about her breathing Brillo pad of a terrier, Gidget.